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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

Good mornin'. Smile

Choo, when you get several rooms, hotels will give a discounted rate, sometimes majorly discounted. Or is that not what you mean?
At the risk of mentioning the snow fairy again, I won't mention it because I might say too much. Big Grin

AAC, yep, we were tired Ninth. lol How are you?
I didn't realize we'd misbehaved so badly. Roll Eyes I don't remember if we said don't read it anywhere. uh-oh...

Miss M, if you'll put a space between that last dot and the 'h', your link will work. It's good with copy/paste now. Wink

Hi Pete! Glad to see you're feeling better and up 'n' at 'em. Bless your heart, it's the pits when it has to pass around the family like that. Don't overdo it now and be sure you still rest well! *mother hen* lol
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