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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

I'm glad you did say something! Looks like Springfield, MO is really close to half way, 8:05 & 8:08. I must have more Interstate cause it's about 50 more miles that are covered in 3 minutes. lol Not bad at all!!

Sure there's lots to work out. We can just plug away at it and get there.
Yeh, it IS too bad Reno's so far. Wonder if there are any special, good air rates. hmmmm...

(if he knew we were coming he'd move)

Ya think? Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin Would you do that Ninth? Wink

edit: Taz is 14:39 away from there and Ninth is 24:48. YIKES! Eek
I don't fly well. I'd be ready for a whole keg for myself to relax! LOL
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