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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

Hi sweet peoples.
Sorry I missed ya'll tonight. Frown
Had some chicken noodle soup and chamomile tea and tucked in with a book and my snuggly furbaby. Woke up with a sneeze attack and here I am. Can't stay away from here. Could it be Ninth's intriguing eyes - all 1000 of 'em? Wink Now don't think I haven't grown rather fond of all of you! xo

Miss M, I'll go find the ?? over there. Hope I can help.
"I think I can safely say she'd dying to try them out on you." Can't imagine why you'd think that. Big Grin

Kinda figured Taz would be MIA tonite. Yippee for him!! Seriously Taz, I'm happy for you. Smile

Where'd Sexy St Pete and Choo go? Choo needs an S name. lol

Ninth, I'm thankful you're fairing well there. Savin' my super duper secret recipe just for You. Razz

Sweet dreams... or somethin'... all o' ya'll.
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