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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

Darn, I already donned me red shirt and brown pants! Got me rollin' pin all ready. Oars too. Oughta be worth somethin' for whackin'!
brb *quick change*
Oh my! You sweet li'l fly, dangling visions of fly bites... how can I not put your buds in my brew! They're toast, I tell ya! Toast!Wink

Miss M, surely you jest!Eek Oh, what's a spider to do!!Roll Eyes

Choo, you best be gettin' up Real early... your avi is at stake! Big GrinBig Grin Jeff, won't that keep us on our toes! Confused
I want some o' that ticket action Ninth if ya don't mind sharin'! Pleasssse??
What's gonna happen now...
Who's gonna change their avi? Will it be Jeff, who has been registered the longest??? Will it be Choo, who we see the most hangin' 'round these here parts??? Will it be Neither???
Oh, this is gonna be good!Big Grin
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