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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

Choo you have been judged lacking by a jury of your peers!(Me as I am de only one ere at da moment)( Due to yer obious impertince of not promptly answerin dis post) Punishment is deemed to be assimilation.We are Borg and you are now to be considered one of none!
As such your duties will be relegated to swabbin da decks and custodian of da brown pants.
JeffS ye have been promoted to custodian of da Red shirt!
Guard it well as the imposter may be lurkin about and tryin to steal it frum ya!
(Danger Will Robinson! Choo does not Play Well with OTHERS!
Edit: Lessn dere names be equated with DSG!
Ye've nae been warned and forewarned and bakerds warned!
Proceed at yer own risk swabbie!
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