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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

Wow, lots of overtime for me this weekend...I'll be glad when today is over, I'm tired,(yawn) Smile

Taz, thank you for recruiting my sidekick Evil Nurse Wanda when I was unable to help you with Choo (note: she does NOT replace my usual sidekick - Miss S) Big Grin...see Choo, and you thought I was up to no good...

Zebra, what song? Confused
And I wonder why your time stamps are showing up like that?? They should show as PST, it's a little after 10am here now so mine shows as 8 something..Choo is about 6 hours ahead of me, I think its probably 4pm there.

Well gotta go (groaaan)
But I'll be back tonite .. I need my lunacy button....Smile
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