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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

Didn't know I'd been anywhere ... Confused

well Choo...sorry if I missed something, but last I heard - you were outta' here on a GHOST TRAIN!
For all I knew, it coulda' been a " ...Midnight Train to Georgia"!? Big Grin -- I wouldn't be surprised! As I CLOCK is all messed up! Frown

Anyway... I'm beginning to realize the board's time is set to PST here in the States! -- So I guess I can do a little arithmetic to figure out when I might get away with posting silly stuff while nobody's looking (and probably asleep). Afterall... I'm not inclined to show my butt around here while EVIL NURSE WANDA is anywhere to be seen!! -- I HATE NEEDLES!! Eek

... on the other hand...I bet TAZ doesn't actually sleep AT ALL! -- Yep!..that could explain a few things! Big Grin
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