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Reply to "power seller join or not to? that is the ?"

Originally posted by oneheart:
what s your opinion - just made bronze on part time- what do you guys say? Does it make big difference if you put the sign or not

Powerseller? I've had it, lost it, had it, lost it, over and over again. I have four eBay IDs also. I'm retiring two of the IDs, too. I ALWAYS lose my powerseller status during the summer months. <shrug> No big deal, it comes back in the fall.

When I meet the standards of Power seller I always choose NOT to show the Powerseller icon.

I've had it added and not had it added..and have found that No, I don't like it when I show the icon. There were never more sales due to showing the icon or not.

In my case? It's hard to pinpoint the difference and why..but here's my main reason why. My customers are just all around nicer when they think they're dealing with a "sweet little stay at home mother." I actually have buyers when I show the Power Seller icon tell me when I hit them with NPB that I don't need the money as I'm a powerseller. <spit> Don't give me that bunk, I'll send Guido after you! <smile>

Congratulations're doing well...Part-time and a Bronze status!

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