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Reply to "power seller join or not to? that is the ?"

Originally posted by attire4less:
Hi! We just celebrated 11 yrs of marriage new yrs eve! Frog I am afraid he is stuck with me until death us do part.

I am pretty much just here. I will continue to ride it out for awhile. I like the site, when it works. I even have hubby's listings on an id here.

Thanks for asking! Have a great weekend!

Congrats Michelle & hubster!

We just celebrated our 27th anniversary in December, too. As much as newlyweds believe it's all roses and champagne, marriage is hard work!

How are those beautiful children doing? And baseball season? How did it play out?

Are you using the desktop or the freebie web based version of Auctiva?

If you'd rather answer in private, that's fine.

I don't peruse the Auctiva boards that much and depend upon email notifications from Auctiva for postings to this board. I'm outta this house most mornings early and back off and on throughout the afternoon and then back after family time in the evening..sometimes getting me by email is the easiest.

Blessings, Donna
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