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Reply to "power seller join or not to? that is the ?"

Originally posted by Magie Noire:
Jewel, I'm a 'Little Suzy Homemaker' as well. Perhaps, the difference in our merchandise plays a part. Who knows. It's not that important. I still believe for 'most' sellers having the PS symbol displayed is better than not having it displayed.

My point on the $1,000 per month isn't whether it's your goal or anyone's goal. IF someone sets their mind to it, and IF they want to sell the minimum of $1,000 per month IMHO it isn't that difficult to do. Then again, it would depend on what they sold, I guess. So, for 'most' sellers who 'want' to sell the minimum and have an appropriate product source to do so, it isn't that difficult to do. That's just my opinion on it.

Oh Magie!

I didn't see your posting and just saw the email notification that you responded. (Ok, Ok, yeah, I've been busy! <smile>Wink're going by this ID alone, right? Not my other ones, cause nobody knows those. <smile>

Plus, for now I'm retiring two of them..just too much to keep up with right now both in life and online sales. I'm simplifying. (plus working on getting an oscommerce store opened, too) One ID was for sports oriented items (male ID) and the other was my mish mash of items.

The other ID that I'm keeping isn't different from your well done eBay ID...and similar to yours such as name brand, blah blah, designer, etc. Just not as well done as yours! <wink> You know what your doing, everything looks great, your niche is well-established and cross-promoted...good job! But I do manage to scrape by. <wink>

I do hate to discuss my profit $$$ of my multiple IDs. One of the ways of keeping that discussion at bay is by not having Power Seller shown. I manage to buy a steak or two along with a bottle of wine from my profits from eBay..we'll leave it at that..ok? Wink

Yep..the ability is out there is people want to work for it and if the timing is right but most importantly the item is right.

That's why I'm retiring my sports oriented ID for now and my mish mash of eclectic type items. Those are more hit and miss...I don't want to babysit those IDs and it's just time to make those decisions. That's why I'm saying certain niches do quite well on eBay and the possibility to make money is there..but then other niches aren't such great money makers, cause I've been there and done that.

How bout we say this together....
Hail to The Suzie Homemakers!!!!

Aren't we glad there's no drama over here?

Peace Magie,
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