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Reply to "Problems already"

Hi member_8880

The new Template Selector is a little different from the old template system, however you can still preview the picture placement when choosing your template & yes, not all, but many of the new template designs do come with picture placement customization options.

To preview the template layout with different # of images:
Click to "Select a Template", then click on a template you like. The Select Template window will show you a little preview of the template. You'll see gray "Product Image" place holder images in the template preview(which will be filled in with your listing's images once posted to eBay). Use the "Image" drop down, to choose how many of your images you want displayed in your template, and that will show you an example of what the Template layout will look like. Additionally, some templates come with a "Layout" option where you can customize the placement of the images in that template.

"Layout" / Picture placement options:
Many of our new templates do come with "Layout" options, however not all of them. The "Skin" option allows you choose the color scheme of the template, and when you see the option to choose a "Layout" on a template, that means you can specify the picture placement. Because of the responsive design of these templates the customization options differ depending on the design. But you'll find many of the templates in the "Abstract" category have many different "Skin" options, and the templates in the "eBay Specific" category have many "Layout"/picture placement options.

New listings posted to eBay will be using the new template designs. However Saved Listings that use an old template will still contain those old templates & you can still post those saved listings using the older templates–but you go to modify, or change that template you will need to pick one of the new ones.

Also, if you'd like to quickly and easily update the template within your listings in bulk you can! Here's how:
1. From Auctiva's Saved Listing page, select all of the listings you would like to apply a new template to.
2. Click the "Advanced Edit" button at the top of the page.
3. In the Advanced Edit window, click the Field drop down menu and select "Listing Template".
4. Select "All" for Find Listing Template.
5. Then, click the "Select Template" button to choose the new template you'd like to use.
6. Once you've selected the new template, click "Continue" on the Advanced Edit window.
7. Review the changes and click "Confirm Selected Listings".
8. Once the update is complete, a confirmation message will display reflecting the updates–then click "Done".
Now when you post those Saved Listings they'll be using the new Listing Template you selected.

Let me know if this has helped answered your question or if you need any more clarification.

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