Reply to "Problems posting???? Listings show as scheduled & will not post, Help?"

When I logged into Auctiva this afternoon (I'm in California) I didn't see any announcements on the home page to indicate there was a problem.

When I tried to list my item, I got the Windows Internet Explor error message saying 'can't display this page.'

I went and checked my About Me page at eBay to see if the listing showed on the page, but it wasn't up. I checked My eBay and it wasn't up. So I tried to post the listing again and it did the same thing.

The only other time this has happened to me was when I first created my Auctiva account and I was trying to create my first listing. They were working on the site and it didn't save. Otherwise, Auctiva usually works fine for me.

If they're working on the servers I guess that's a good reason it's glitching.

But it might be a good suggestion to have a info bulletin board on the home page (or that greets you after you sign in) that tells people the site is down for maintenence. Then people won't try to post stuff and get error messages, they'll just wait til later.

I saw the suggestions about going in to cancel scheduled listings, but I checked my listings and the two attempts don't show on the scheduled listings or active listings pages. So HOPEfully they won't post.

If anyone just has one item to list (like I do) they might try to list them through eBay if they can use eBay's picture services. The reason I tried Auctiva is that eBay's picture services don't like my computer for some reason.

Just in case somehow these auctions post later, even if they weren't on the scheduled listings page, I'm going to try to wait til later, maybe tomorrow, to try to post the auction again. I don't want to pay for several insertion fees for one item.

If anyone calls or emails the customer service guys at Auctiva, maybe suggest to them that they provide a bulletin board or message that greets people as they sign into their account, or posted on the home page after they sign in, to say they're performing maintenence. If enough people suggest it maybe they'll do that and save folks some headaches. They must get tons of emails or calls when there are problems, and it would save them some hassles too.
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