Reply to "Problems posting???? Listings show as scheduled & will not post, Help?"

Originally posted by lexisluxuries:
Hi, is anyone else having problems posting to Ebay? I have been creating new listings and posted them right after they were created...but they show as scheduled and status shows ready. They will not post. Any help would be great. Thanks!


Yup. Having same exact problem.

Just posted (or thought I posted, I should say) 4 items/listings and they are showing up in my 'saved listings' auctiva folder, BUT are not showing up in my ebay listings.

Don't want to complain about it because the FREE services they offer here here is wonderful, and I do fully utilize these free things instead of paying feebay (the templates and attach many photos) to each of my listings -- BUT this is a little annoying right now that the listings are not posting.

Come on this board to read/see if anything was being written about it .. and glad to know it's not just happening to me, and there's clearly something wrong with auctiva at the moment. I hope it's straightened out soon ... and someone from their end let's us know if we need to re-post our listings that aren't currently going through, or if they will go thru on their own once it's straightened out.

In the meantime, I don't know if I should keep listing now. I have about 10 more things that I planned to list tonight and I don't know if I should hold off for now until this issue is resolved.
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