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Reply to "Proposed New Rates for the USPS 2007"

seems like Priority would have been only a little bit more than Parcel.

To tell you the truth, Priority would probably have been a little less . . . 10 cents? or so . . .

Time related deadline to beat the mailtruck for it's end of day pick-up at the post office.

I print my own labels...yes, Delivery Conf. is free with priority - 14 cents otherwise.

If I would have EVEN thought that the cost to ship two tailights from Iowa to Illinois was going to be that much .. . I would definately have shipped priority. But being so late in the day and trying to make sure and get it on that truck, I didn't want to mess around with reprinting/setting up the label . . . as there is no more Priority Mail tape, I really hate to send priority mail in a plain box .. . "Ooops, I forgot to look at that label to see if it's 'priority", said the mail handeling gorilla as he threw it into the 'next week' bin -lol!

But even though, I seldom ship priority unless it's a flatrate box, a special request or a non-eBay Motors customer as the car guys are a lot more laid back and less stressed out about getting their stuff "The day after" they send you the money!

You are right about shipping International and all the regs regarding 'width, thickness, length, weight' and ALL involved with AIR LETTER POST. I think it is also way too complicated for most postal employees to try and figure out, so I will make them get the book out and look when they are doubting my sanity when it comes to my ideas on how I want stuff sent....
PayPal and the Click and Ship crew must think it's too complicated for the mainstream public also, as there is ABSOLUTELY no way to buy Air Letter Post shipping online - but then you know how the general public is when it comes to that kind of know, READING, FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS, LOOKING AT PICTURES and being able to perform simple tasks such as ASKING QUESTIONS if they do not understand something Big Grin . .. . !

So I guess I don't know what next - a cleaning lady that comes in once a week and takes care of my shipping before she heads home? I could use one of those, but are there any trustworthy people out there who will do the job and not ship all your valuables to their house while they're at it?

Geez, life can be SO complicated!
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