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Reply to "question about thrift stores"

Here's a nice tip (link)

I was looking for my hubster a cell phone on eBay. I used the above site and found him a Motorola Rokr. The seller misspelled words in the title, I found and bing, bang, bid, boom, I won with no competition!

If you search out eBay's completed on Rokr's they're going for upwards of 130.00, my final price was better.

HA! I know right where you're talking bout. Honestly!

I love the Ocala National Forest and you were right there. I've been known at times to wander the roads of FL on the way to visit family. I have family in the Crystal River area and Cedar Key. Plus my Dad goes to the VA in Gainesville, so I travel those roads quite a bit.

It's soooooooooo beautiful up there. The horse farms and rolling hills.

You're talkin to an "original" Floridian. We're few and far between anymore. Heavy roots in the south, too!

My Best, Donna
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