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Reply to "Refund?"

Originally posted by Adult N Beyond:
Hi all. I wanted to knowwhat the f is ebay policy to give you money back for items you didnt sell? If i didnt sell after relisting then they refund the charge?

What is i cancel the bidding? few days before its ending?

You only receive a refund of your listing fee on a Relist if it sells the first time you relist it. If it does not sell the first time relisted, there are no more refunds. If you plan to list it a 3rd time, you are better off to just list it as a new listing rather than relisting off an old item number. Then if it does not sell again, you have one more time to relist and possibly recoup your listing fee.

If you end your listing before the auction completes, there is no refund of your listing fees.
Jeanie B.
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