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Reply to "Relisting Question"

hi there 1moonlady!

no! you will not be charged for the "extra" pictures. you will only be charged on ebay for the gallery feature, if you use it, and any additional pictures you post on EBAY DIRECTLY!!!

adding additional pictures here on auctiva is FREE!! because auctiva hosts' the pictures for you, you are not charged on ebay.....only for the gallery option if you use it....all the extra pictures (2-16) are FREE!!

when you "relist", if you are NOT directly uploading pictures on the ebay pages themselves, (again, aside from the gallery option), the pictures in your auctiva template are FREE because they are hosted outside of ebay!!

this is just one of the many AWESOME perks you get listing here on auctiva instead of on feebay!

now, not to confuse you, if you are relisting but perhaps changing the item to something new to take advantage of the "relist" option...make sure you create the listing here on auctiva and simply COPY the HTML and paste it in the description section on ebay. swap out your gallery photo if you use, and voila, new listing with the option of getting your fees back if it sells.

just remember not to increase the price on the new item as this will negate the "relist" option and your new item will not qualify for the refund.

hope some of that helped and didn't confuse you!

kathleen Big Grin
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