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Reply to "Remember the good ol Ebay days"

I remember the old eBay back in the days (I started back 8 years ago under hubsters ID) and it was SO much fun.

A Wild Wild West mentality!

Items sold with no pictures! And when pics became the norm on auctions, most of the pictures sucked. HA!

I remember selling without a merchant account. I remember days of getting 30+ letters in the mail stuffed with cash AND change, personal checks, money orders and once I received a rather personal clothing item in with my payment that belonged to a male buyer. <wink>

I can remember getting post cards from my buyers when they would vacation (and still do) and long letters from international buyers who would tuck foreign coins and cash in for my children. I remember some of the kindest letters coming to my home from buyers. I still have several of them that meant the most to me...kind heartfelt letters of gratitude.

I remember having an atlas on the wall and placing pins on the map for sales with my children to help them with geography. It wasn't long before we had the entire Earth covered with red pins.

I remember when Paypal stated they would be free always to buyers and sellers. WHOA!

I remember FREE Listing Days all the time. No fee's nuttin. I remember fee's being hardly nothing..a drop in the bucket

I remember No Mature Section. <smile>

I remember it as SO absolutely wonderful exciting! Like we were watching a new way of life starting..a new way to garage sale.

I remember when they started the feedback system. And you could leave feedback for ANYONE. That's wasn't linked to the transaction. (I have a great link to share one day that's hilarious in regards to this)

I remember buying stuff for a dime and having bidders fighting over it just because they could the last few minutes and it would go for ALOT of money.

Those were the days weren't they Daddyo.

<big sigh>

My Best,
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