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Reply to "Removing images when an item is sold to conserve image space."

Sorry Craig, nothing on Auctiva has been fixed since the last issues I had in 2017. I have filed a ticket  again.

Also, when importing from closed to save it only imports the 1st image. No way I am reuploading all images again.

As well the shipping has also been messed up the same as before.

I have better things to do than make work projects because your system has too many issues with listings not originally created on Auctiva.

I would have to rework all my listings from scratch which is not going to happen while I have to pay for the service.

If you want to give me a couple of months free, I might consider it. I have only paid for 1 month since I had to make sure it would work.

Please let me know as no way I can list anything the way it is. Please advise ASAP so I know if I will have to go to inkFrog or not.

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