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Scrolling Gallery HTML Code Errors After Editing Listings- Ebay Removed Listing!!

I enjoy the scrolling gallery service so Thank You.. BUT
Every time I edit a listing for ANY reason, the scroller posts as a block of HTML code with the Auctiva link in the middle of the code.

This morning Ebay REMOVED one of my listings that had 5 watchers in part due to the "jibberish description" according to the Ebay CS rep. He even accused me of plagiarism via "Copy & pasting" a description from someplace/someone else!

When I pointed out this was Auctiva's coding & that this happened whenever I edit a listing, at times taking DAYS to right itself, he told me to "call them" and hung up!

How can I fix this? Now I have to go through all my listings to see which have this HTML issue, individually and remove it! UGH!

Is there a way to prevent this from happening?
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