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Reply to ""Searching for Greener Pastures""

For sellers who qualify, try At etsy categories are limited to your own arts and crafts works, any materials used for arts and crafts, and anything vintage which is 20 years old or older. For the whopping price of 20 cents, you can list an item for four months. FVF is 3.5%. No auctions, just straight out buying and selling. There is a feedback rating.

The only drawback I find to etsy is because they do not have the exposure and recognition of ebay, you will need to drive your own traffic. Easy enough. Just take a few minutes everyday to promote your store on craigslist and other venues. And when you ship items to buyers, if your business card happens to list your store, so what.

There are several options available to all of you. It just takes a little research and doing your homework. You can't grow any business without change and growth and expansion, and most of all, you have to take risks. Take a leap of faith. Believe in yourself. You are your own boss and with you in the driver's seat, that ought to be motivation enough to make a move to improve your own financial status. It can be done.

I will tell you that literally half of the things I sell, I have acquired for FREE. I've done my homework. I study the market. Last year I made $400 from one dumpster dive. I found a book in a thrift store for $4 and sold it for $400. I found art work at a yard sale for a quarter and sold it for $75. Today I picked up over $200 in merchandise for FREE. All it required was the gasoline to pick it up.

Any of you can do exactly what I do. I have no tricks up my sleeve. I just do the hard work.
And everything I have done has been completely honest and above board. I talk to people. I ask questions. I seek out opportunities every single day. You would be amazed how many opportunities are available to you just for the asking.

Don't get too comfortable with where you are at and never stop looking for something better. Because if you look, you will find it. I did.
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