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Reply to ""Searching for Greener Pastures""

This was indeed an interesting article.
How many MORE people will ebay piss off before they realize they made a huge mistake?

for those who are asking, the official boycott is currently supporting three alternate sites,

While we have not voted to officially support them, and as well as formerly supported have brought some success for sellers.

The reason we have decided to support only a few groups is because in years past everyone boycotted and went off on their own. Today, however, we have banded together and stand united against ebay, and will continue to do so, until such time as ebay negotiates with us, and agrees to our terms; terms that are best for the community, not just a small segment. By uniting together and working together to build only a few sites, we believe we have a better chance at success, because we are uniting buyer and seller in as few supported sites as possible.

I encourage everyone to join the boycott,
Thank you,
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