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Reply to ""Searching for Greener Pastures""

Thanks to Ebay, one of the greatest online eBay alternatives has risen to the top of the list. came out of beta in the start of September 2008, and in that time has exploded. Many of your favorite sellers have re-located here.

No listing fees. Low final value fees.Listing is a breeze.Support is out of this world - personal contacts - no canned responses!. The ability to negotiate and share info in real time right in your Bonanzle Booth. A community that actually is the friendliest on earth and will do anything to help you. The ability to upload your items to Google Base, a feature that is the absolute best way to draw customers. The sellers choose what method of payment they wish to accept: money orders, checks, google and paypal.
I encourage all those small sellers who are looking for a viable place to sell their items to come over to Bonanzle and see for yourselves what it is that makes this site the award winning, fastest growing sales venue on the web.
Some milestones to consider:
Bonanzle was named the best ebay alternatuve in July, 2008 by Ecommerce Guide. (Before even coming out of beta!)

Bonanzle was again named the best ebay alternative last week, this time by SmallBusinessComputing!
On behalf of the Bonanzle community I invite you come look around and ask questions. These are links to my 2 booths.
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