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Reply to ""Seller Guilty of 'Shill Bidding'""

One down, only some hundreds of thousands to go ...

"eBay welcomed the conviction and said it spends over £6m a year on countering fraud on the site" said eBay; but you will notice that eBay did not detect nor report this matter to the authorities.

And, once again, is not that the nub of the problem? eBay is spending (only) £6 million annually to rid the site of “fraud, including buyer protection programs and employees whose sole job is to monitor infringement issues”.

Does that paragraph sound familiar? I could quote an earlier post of mine at
which referred to another eBay matter, the Tiffany v eBay case about another form of fraud on eBay.

Instead I will simply refer you to the reader comments that appear on the report of this particular UK shill bidding matter by “The Register” at

And for anyone interested generally in the matter of shill bidding fraud by unscrupulous professional sellers on buyers, fraud that I believe I can demonstrate is being knowingly encouraged and facilitated by eBay, and the damage that that can do to consumer confidence in the eBay platform, do see my introduction thereto at

Is it any wonder the eBay marketplace is struggling when compared to the others in this area?

Donahoe/eBay/PayPal: Dead Men Walking
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