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Reply to ""Seller Guilty of 'Shill Bidding'""

lookandbuyme is 100% correct. eBay does not care about the law and actually laughs at the law. When the ebay boycott began in feb 08, one of the organizers told of how she found child porn on ebay. Of course she reported it; but, ebay did nothing about it. According to her after a two year fight ebay finally NARU'd the seller. Not because of the complaints. Not even because she called the FBI and the FBI told them to shut it down. Nope; they refused. It was because they finally got the media involved; and that got ebay moving.
Last year I emailed Lorrie and reported a seller who was claiming they had not received items, but then turned around and listed the items she hadn't received on eBay. For THIRTEEN months this lady had terrorized sellers, leaving negative feedback; claiming she had not received the item, and PayPal gladly refunded her money; leaving the seller holding the bag. For THIRTEEN months, sellers reported this lady to eBay. For THIRTEEN months, eBay let her rip off sellers. Within 4 days after contacting Lorrie, and threatening to take this documented information to the boycott media contacts, she was NARU'd; and I received a call from eBay "thanking me for bringing this to their attention".
Oh, and btw, just to make it clear, this lady had left 30% negative feedback in those 13 months. And her prior 4 years, she left 0 negative feedback. So why the sudden dis-satisfaction? That first month was May 2008, eBay's first month of the No Negative feedback allowed policy for sellers.

eBay refuses to follow the law, if it means they have to lose even a dime; unless of course the media is brought in. They can't have the media investigating them, now can they?

Join the eBay Boycott;
We;ve only just begun to fight!
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