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Reply to "Shipping charges---ebay says UNFAIR???????"

Originally posted by wayoutwest:
Will be intersting to see if any action is truly taken and to what degree.

from stores forum on ebay

eBay's 2 largest sellers (both with FB well over 300,000) eforc*** and everydays*** always have 6-9,000 auctions with BIN prices of $0.01-$0.02 listed...and they list that many penny BIN auctions every day of the year
When eForc*** lists all those $0.01 BIN items on O their starting price is much higher--a minimum of $6.99 on ) compared to $0.01 here.

With the new store fee's coming into play..

Alot of the stores are going to fold.

Any item in a store under 25.00 is not cost effective.

NOW...what should be interesting is this factor. The big boys selling items for .01 (and yes, eBay knows bout them and I'm sure they've been reported to the hilt)

It's been intimated that those kind of stores that have the type auctions as Steve notates above...that they don't pay the same fees as we normal sellers and some pay no fees at all to eBay.

This is going to be interesting to say the least.

Peace, Donna
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