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Reply to "Shipping charges---ebay says UNFAIR???????"

Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:
Originally posted by Magie Noire:
Sooooooo, on the men's suits I was charging $4.85 over to cover potential combined shipping and my handling costs. Oh, but that was too much. Lol, could be someone had a bug up their bottom and reported the listings for fun. It wouldn't be te first time. Or it was just eBay being eBay.

Either way. my account was credited and the eBay rep I spoke with apologized for the error.

My account was noted. Just in case, of future incidents.

Yippie, lol.

PS - Still plenty of .01 w/$45 shipping listings out there!

You know what my vote is...Reported. And that would fall under the category of for the fun of it..wouldn't you say?

EBAY doesn't have time to sit there looking for items nor do I believe they have any staff sitting on computers looking for them or have special tweaks that point them to violations. (If so, how many auctions would've/could've/should've been closed in the last 10 years?)

EBAY relies on their "community" to police their site and have for a lonnnnnnnnnng time.



Yeah, I was reported. I know, I was. Whatever, lol. I'm still happy, livin' life and havin' a great time. Ya, didn't bring me down. Ya lil' darlin' out there in, 'I have nothing better to do other than report honest sellers' land.

Anyway, I'm shifting away from the auction format to Fixed Price listings. Saving auctions for items that have the greatest potentional to 'bid up'. Even then, I have a pretty good idea of what they end up bidding up to.

You better sit down for this one. Ready? I stopped accepting money orders. That's right, no more. Oh, maybe by request. I am sick to death of waiting on slow paying buyers, late paying buyers and deadbeat non-paying bidders. I hate to say it but 98% of them pay with money orders. The last couple of weeks did me in for money orders. I'm sick of the bull. Anyway, I only accept PayPal at this time. Edited all of my listings to block buyers without a PayPal account. So far, so good.

I started the FP listings and the PP only 48 hours ago. Within this time, I've sold $178.92 for 7 items. Not too shabby for a $7.00 investment. I do a 90 day closed listing search before listing at the FP, and then average it.

For instance, I listed a black, crepe polyester, Ann Taylor dress for $39.99 w/$6.65 shipping. Normally, I would auction it starting at $20.00 hoping it would bid up. Not anymore. I dunno, I stuck up a Jones New York wool pant suit for $35 w/$8.95 shipping. Maybe I could have gotten a lot more and maybe not. All I know is this, I sold it on its first listing within 24 hours of it being listed. That's my kind of listing folks. Another thing to consider is this, with FP listing, I'm not a slave to specific days and ending times. I'm free...mwahahahahahaha!

Yes, okay, it's official, I'm goofy, lol. Eek
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