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Reply to "Shrunken image in template"

Hello HudsonRecords -

I'm sorry to hear about your experience.

I've taken a look at the listing you note here and can see the difficulty you refer to. It is most likely that this is a result of some code in the listing that was added to any template to help with mobile responsiveness. As a result of the upcoming changes on eBay, we've made some changes to the way listings are delivered to eBay. It turns out, that there are cases such as you note here where this particular code caused different issues to occur. As a result, we are no longer adding this code in general and a bulk revise of the affected listings should resolve the issue without any need to repost them to eBay.

For any listing where this has occurred for you that is eligible for revision on eBay, you can remove the HTML using the Bulk Revise tool on the Active listings page of your Auctiva account, after selecting the appropriate listings.

In the Bulk Revise tool, select Description and it will bring up a find and replace tool. In the Find field, add:
<style>img{max-width:100%} td > img{max-width:400px}</style>
and in the Replace field add a space, then you can run the tool.

This will remove that piece of HTML from the listing and it should then show with the image appropriately sized.

If you run into any further difficulty, please don't hesitate to let us know and we'll be happy to take a look.

- Craig
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