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Site Update - 18 January 2011

Hello Community,

We performed an update to the site this morning. Most of the changes we made are internal items intended to improve site performance and stability.

Some changes you will see are redesigns we have done to our 'landing pages' for Listings, Images, Profiles, Stores, and Sales. We have felt these pages needed updating for some time, so we have tried to make them more readable and more usable, and by adding more 'help' than some of the pages had previously. Please note that you can still have access to all the functions from these pages that you had before this change; we kept the placement of access to different functions intact on the same landing page.

The Product Sourcing Landing Page has also changed, and it now features Tutorials, both video and on site, as well as FAQ's. This content is all geared towards users who have signed up for AliExpress, and so we placed on the Sourcing Page specifically. If you are sourcing, do check these out, as they include much useful information.

Our last site update was on November 9, 2010. You can see my forum post describing this update at this link.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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