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Site Update of August 17 2010

Hello Community,

This morning we updated the Auctiva site. This was a fairly minor update mostly consists of maintenance changes that are ‘behind the scenes’. There are no new features in this update, but there are a couple of updates that you can see on the site that I will mention.

We have added a ‘Most Commonly Asked’ category to our FAQ’s. These FAQ’s that appear in this category were personally selected by Mike Davies, our Customer Support Manager, because they are answers to questions that very frequently appear in support cases.

Another update we made was to rename the ‘E-mail Preferences’ on the Accounts Preferences Page to read ‘Contact Preferences,’ and in that section we have added a phone number field. Giving Auctiva your phone number is strictly optional on your part, but by doing so, you allow us to contact you directly with important account alerts and news, thereby not missing important information because an email from us got caught in your spam filter.

If you want to review earlier site updates and see what else we have done for you lately, you will find the notice from the update we did on July 7 just prior to this one posted in the forums at this link.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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