Reply to "Sold items not being able to archived using custom template"


By "I looked", I did mean the Store and About Me pages.

I can help. How many templates do you have, so I can get a handle on the size of the problem? It looks like they used just two or three basic layouts, so a fix for one should work for a group. It's mostly REMOVING code.

You can actually make basic templates using Auctiva's template editor. I prefer something more full screen and with code checks. There are some freeware downloadable HTML editors.

API (Application Program Interface) is how eBay and Auctiva programs "talk" across their connection between systems. API error is when eBay sees something in the conversation (listing code) it doesn't like. Eek

An Auctiva member just had all their listings cancelled due to links policy violation and has to change EVERY LISTING in their Auctiva library. You don't have that problem TG. Not a happy camper. Frown

Auctiva seems to be having uploader problems, so it's not necessarily you. I have a trusty Kodak EasyShare Z760 (6.1 MP). However, to stay under the 1 MB limit, I usually set the camera to 1.7 MP (lowest setting). If you are running Windows XP, there is a trick with Microsoft Paint that's included with Windows to resize the pictures. I posted that tip a few days back in the Image Hosting section. It's about 2/3 way down 1st page of the thread.

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