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Some advice Please!

I need a little advice please! I sold an item on Friday, it is Pick-up only, no shipping. I said in my auction that is soon as payment is received that I would contact the buyer so that we could make pick-up arrangements. They paid right away, great! So I emailed them, to contact me, and no reply, I waited 2 days, then I emailed them again, to make pick-up arrangements, and keep in contact, they have not contacted me as of yet. This item was $120.00! I would think, if I spent over $100.00, on ebay, I would contact the seller right away. Am I being overly anixous? I just want to give them what is theirs.

What do I do now? Just Wait?
Maybe they changed their minds and trying to get out of it?

I had another buyer that was too late, and asked me if the other buyer backed out, they wanted it. Anyways what do I do? Just Wait for them to contact me?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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