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Reply to "SpareDollar Migrators Suthrnjewl HERE!"

Originally posted by dmhcollectibles:
It'll be my first hurricane since moving to FL - I'm just a bit north of you, about an hour and a half or so I think.

Any advice on how to prepare, for this storm-newbie?

Thanks and again, it's good to see you and others from SD here Smile

Batten down the hatches! <smile>
I think Hurricane W is heading towards the keys now...but who knows with these things.

Be prepared with flashlights, candles, bottled water, canned foods, sand bags and more. I have a stash in the garage just for hurricane supplies..that nobody is allowed to touch..ever!

It's a learning experience for a new person when we speak of hurricane preparedness. If you are EVER told to it!

Florida is a VERY prepared state and we did well last year during the four hurricanes. Much devastation but they followed every last detail down to the minutest detail. When everything is followed through in the correct order then it gives a sense of order.

Do not be frightened. We'll know more by Thursday..sometimes they lose their way and drift off to parts unknown.


PS I loved your post in regards to whining..<wink>
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