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Reply to "SpareDollar Migrators Suthrnjewl HERE!"

Originally posted by bargain*huntress:
See I need to send blondy_1975 here. You guys have to help me convince her to switch over. LOL

She keeps hearing negative about Auctiva from somewhere, just not sure where she is picking it up from.

It could be from those who have been riding through the labor pains during the birth of Auctiva. Hopefully, those who have been selling longer enough can recognize a diamond in the rough. Even though, Auctiva has had its share of growing pains, what sets them apart 'now' is they're quick to correct them.

Customer service is a huge deal for most sellers. Heck, for anyone involved with business. I believe, Auctiva has embraced this and is making an honest effort to improve.

IMHO - Auctiva is working hard to get it right.

The birth of 'Auctiva' is a process. Considering they're up and running 'during' this process with 'success' speaks volumes.

I'd suggest that she try one or two small auctions.

Afterall, it's a free service. What does she have to loose?

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