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Reply to "SpareDollar Migrators Suthrnjewl HERE!"

Originally posted by dwangel:
I just want to say that I don't think anyone whould bare ill-feeling towards SD. It was a business decision that SD needed to make for the better of SD. Obviously it will not fit everyone, but I am 100% sure there will be people still using SD. There are people who are currently using services far more expensive than SD. One day, maybe Auctiva will add a fee, it's all normal. One just to make a better judgement for himself. To be honest, if every service charges $8.95, I am not sure what I will do. I might still be at SD. The law of competition says Auctiva is a better deal. So I am here. I will put a few listing up today from Auctiva to make my final decision. I still have one month credit left with SD.

One note, many people decide to stay with a particular service (any kind of serice) because it's comfortable to stay with something they know. It takes efforts to learn something new. It's a proven marketing strategy. However, AOL still loses millions of subs every quarter. So, there.

I don't feel $8.95 per month is too much to ask for a service that for the most part can be relied on to work consistently. And who also has real customer service. Believe me, I had no problem with the $8.95 increase. My issue is with the lack of reliability, lack of ungrades (like shipping) and zero customer service.

Poor, unreliable service with zero customer service is too high a price even if it's free! So, with regard to SpareDollar these are the reasons I left. I agree with you, leaving was a sound business decision. Nothing personal or emotional about it.

I am using SMP (eBay) for the moment. It is included with the feature store charge. Since I'm always home to launch anyway, it doesn't matter (at the moment) that it doesn't offer free scheduling. I have been waiting for Auctiva to tweak a few issues. One being the pictures and use of custom templates.

I joined Auctiva back in August and in two short months I have watched the Auctiva staff make a real leap in customer service. When I first signed up, it wasn't as good as it is now. Man, they have it down now! Good for them.

Also in two short months, Auctiva has gone from no custom templates to custom templates. The whole pictures (borders and more) issues are being settled and fine tuned. I mean, someone behind the scenes has to go into the coding and rewrite it to accomodate these changes. The cool thing is, they're doing it!

Hopefully, the lines of communication will remain open. Auctiva is going to grow and it most definately is going to be in the big leagues. It's just a matter of time.

I hope, Auctiva remains eager to please their customer base and keeps things running smoothly without becoming an over priced Andale or Vendio.

Hope springs eternal.
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