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Sparedollar to be acquired

This was just announced - don't know if it will be good or bad, but I am jumping ship anyway.

Posted - 03/20/2006 : 10:05:20 PM Show Profile Email Poster
Hello.. This is Greg one of the owners and Founders of inkFrog, inc.

I wanted to be the first to post to you all that inkFrog has acquired Sparedollar and Tomas will be joining the inkFrog team. I wanted to make this announcement here on the forums first because I know you all have had many questions about what has been happening with Sparedollar over the last several months. During this time we have been working with Tomas on this acquisition and are pleased to say it's finally here! Tomas will become a partner in inkFrog and be working with us.

We are very excited about purchasing Sparedollar and very excited to be working with Tomas. InkFrog and Sparedollar have always had the same philosophies and have always been the low cost leaders in Auction Management. This will NOT change!

I'm hoping this acquisition doesn't worry any of you. We are planning big things for all of you and will make up an extensive FAQ section to answer all of your questions regarding this. InkFrog and Sparedollar are very similar and are run in very similar ways. (inkFrog is a very small company and cares about its users!).

We know that your main worry is pricing and software. We completely understand this and assure you that you don't have to worry. We have developed brand new software that has the ease of use of SpareDollar and the powerful features of inkFrog. This software has not been released to inkFrog users or Sparedollar users yet. We will release it for everyone beginning this month or the first few weeks of April. We will also ensure that all of your data is seamlessly moved over to the new software and will make the transfer very simple and painless! We also are working on the pricing structure but assure you that we plan on blowing away the pricing barrier and will ensure that Sparedollar users have very little pricing changes while still getting a ton more features and 'stuff' (as I like to call it).

I know you all will have lots of questions :-), We will be keeping you all posted through each step. Please do NOT try to signup for our current inkFrog site now. Everyone (inkFrog and Sparedollar) users will be moved to our new site starting within weeks. We are very excited about this new software and will work with you each step of the transition. We also will be setting up extra support to ensure that any of your questions get answered.

I look forward to getting to know most of you and look forward to hearing your comments and feedback on our new site once it's released. If you have ever worked with inkFrog before you know that we listen to our customers and implement features and ideas they have into our software.

thx for listening to my long post, but i wanted to explain as much as possible before we do the press release about the purchase.

best regards,
Greg Sisung
InkFrog, inc.


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I am very excited to confirm this announcement! We will be issuing a formal press release very soon and will be working on a detailed FAQ page. If you have any immediate questions or comments, please issue them here:

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