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Reply to "Sparedollar to be acquired"

Hi Maggie,
I am sure that Tomas was forced to charge these higher fees! Ink Frog wanted this part of the deal over and calmed down before anouncing the merger. I would also bet that Tomas did not gain from the higher was just part of the merger.
This whole issue is making more sense to me now.
Tomas on his own probably would not of doubled the fees but had to to be a part of this whole picture.
I am still a member of SD but now I am very happy here at Auctiva!
Don't really know what to do!
I do know that I like Auctiva more and more every day!
Originally posted by Magie Noire:
So, Tomas lied. He doubled the fees to grab as much money as he could before the merger. No upgrades. Just more golf lessons. What I find odd is the blind loyalty by some SDers. It's almost co-dependent or something. Bizzare.
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