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Reply to "Sparedollar to be acquired"

Originally posted by starrynight:
Lisa, moderation is what just about any forum needs to be a decent place to be. Trouble is quashed before it escalates and results in so many unhappy forum members. If all the members of SD suddenly joined any board that was moderated, it would be an entirely different experience. Some people might not be posting long, is all Wink

I totally agree!! I just don't think people should be allowed to post if they are not actively using the service. I mean there are thousands of message boards and chat rooms that are meant just to post this and that on. SD is suppose to be a listing management service of which people pay to use the service not to be beat up on and have to deal with angry/jealous people.
For instance would a Gym allow you to join just to come in with a bunch of other people and start gossiping about other members and not use the gym? I don't think they would
I don't think many services would allow their service to be used for a purpose it wasn't intented for.
JMO Frog
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