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Stock control database help

I thought I would seperate my request for help.
With this one I am trying to produce a database where I can enter the date automaticaly of a stock take. Then useing dropdowns (I think would be easier) enter the Item then the level in stock and the level used and the ammount that has been added since the last stock take. Then in some way have it that it creates a report that would give me every item on an individual line with the previous ammount in stock minus the used ammount add the amount that has been ordered/delivered and then add from the form the present stock level and show any discrepancy between the levels that are there and the levels that based on the information should be there.
I would then like to set up something that would enable to have the stock ammount required and the actuall stock ammount to give me a total of what needs to be orderd.
Just to complicate things I have looked around and relised I am a complete novice. So simple terms would be great.
Am I asking to much for open office


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