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Reply to "Store Listings Categories? Question!"

I found it. Its a link under "My Account" -> "eBay Settings"

Auctiva really ought think about a general document so Noob's to Auctiva get everything set in advance of listing things.

Most of it could be navigated via a HTML page with a bit of instruction and then click a link and do it.

I'd been going into eBay with listings I posted, then doing a "revision" to set the items into the categories.

Since I made a custom template... of course eBay mutilated them as I did the revision. So I'd need open the HTML for the listing and cut/paste from the Auctiva Source back to eBay!

I am sure I'll get the hang of Auctiva... There certainly are advantages and disadvantages as well.

The HTML editor within "Create A Listing" leaves much to be desired.

My template uses quite a bit of Cascading Style Sheets and the editor doesnt pick up a thing from the template. The template ought be selected in advance of "Description editing" and then pick-up the CSS Styling. Course, thats some work Smile

Numerous times when I go to Center a heading the editor shows things centered but the generated HTML markup doesnt equate (ie: It has a <p> not <p align="center">Wink that I've had to manually slap in.

Today's stand alone web editors tend to make CSS Styles more often than direct HTML when it comes to many facets of pages such as fonts etc.

I used to use an older version of Frontpage where never had to worry much about it. I now use Dreamweaver which generates quite a bit of CSS.

I am a software engineer as well as running a sales business for quite a few years.

I created a custom template because looks count.

When selling on the web what the consumer first see's is imperative in conversion to sales.

I am still working on it... I have to create an About Me page, I have to create a custom eBay storefront page(s) etc still...

But the general look is:
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