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Reply to "Store Listings Categories? Question!"

Hi Kolstrom...

Thanks for the Kudos on the look of our auction/store pages.

I still have some work to do on them which is why I have not started to get rid of the eBay store column's etc. The "Store search" feature for example I want incorporated to our design preferably so the customer can search our store from any listing.

I was going to use "flyout" menus for the side (so if one hovers a mouse over say "PC Games" it'd drop down another menu with the subcategories).

I also need finish up the "optional page content". See... I used images for the Payment/Ship/Terms as when I first started I did not know I'd give Auctiva a go. With Auctiva this content can be "injected" into a template via the "Seller profile". However, Auctiva has no "Optional profile". In other words a profile type that would allow optional content to be injected into a template.

So... still some work to do.

It all looks pretty good but its by no means "best I can do".

While somewhat new to this eBay/Auctiva stuff I'm not new to eCommerce and web design/software engineering.

We create templates/web's for businesses etc as well.
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