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Suggestions/Ideas please!! Poor sales... Few viewers... FRUSTRATED

Just don't know what is going on... sOOOO Frustrated!!!

Sales during the summer months were much better than now (in the past, summer months were the slow months for me). For the first time, I shut-down eBay for 3 weeks in Aug/Sept to go on vacation, and the sales just have not picked-up. (my store has been turned back on, out-of-office message is shut off).

In the past, October sales have been great, but this year it appears no one is looking nor interested!!

In the past few weeks I've tried 7 day auctions (relisting 3-4 times), and then switching items from GTC to 30-day auctions so my item(s) would relist and be visable more often. But still little interest...

I know the public is fickle and loses interest quickly! Not sure if this is the problem for slow sales, OR my prices, OR the auction write-up/presentation, OR...

Soooo very frustrated!! Thank-you for suggestions/ideas you can send my way!!

Have a wonderful week-end!!
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