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Reply to "Supersized Images Are Back On Select Templates!"

Hello again

Yes you can get rid of the giant title and the "description" header. You'll have to create a custom template, but once you do that it will be available for all listings going forward. Here are some step by step directions that will help you get this set up:

1. Go to the Auctiva Custom Template page.
2. Search for the "Plain white" template
3. Click on the Template & select the "Layout" you want to use
4. Then choose "24" images in the drop down (If your listing doesn't actually have 24 images, the template will default to the number of images uploaded to the listing––selecting "24" here just allows you to add up to 24 images.)
5. Then click "Select"
6. On this next page, highlight and delete the text "[TITLE]"
7. Also, delete the other bolded titles for "Description", "Payment", "Shipping", "Terms of Sale" and "About Us" and "Contact Us" (but leave the text in the [ brackets ] as this is how we apply your description to the listing.
8. Give the template a name and click "Save As New"

Then when you go to create a listing, just click on the "Custom" tab in the "Select Template" window, and you'll be able to apply this Template to your listing and it will only show your images, and item description.

Again, let me know if you have any other questions I'm always glad to help.

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