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Reply to ""Sweeping Changes Mimic Amazon""

I sell glassware and collectibles, there is no place on Amazon for me.

For your selling category, it would seem that eBay is still your best venue. For people seeking these items, eBay is where they look.
You are not competing with a bunch of mega seller retailers. How are you being harmed by these changes? Nothing has changed with the auction format.

While I do not believe the "no paper money" mandate is beneficial to buyers or sellers, it doesn't sound like there is much we can do about it. In my opinion, its a bit arrogant for eBay, (or us) to tell a buyer that they must obtain a prepaid debit card, instead of an easy to obtain money order, to pay for their goods. But I didn't get a policy vote. I don't get many buyers who pay by money order, but I sure don't like the idea of alienating those few who prefer this method of payment.

As far as I know though...there are few options for paper payments on most internet selling platforms. Electronic money transfers are just more efficient for accounting people.

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