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Reply to "Templates and Notifications to switch template using until resolved"

Thanks for that information....

Ok....Guess, I just need to get bold and ask my original question again? As I feel like a dog chasing my tail with this. I just do not get the time wasted by myself and auctiva beating around the bush. Of course, I am paid by what I list, time is money in ebayland.

OK so here goes:

* Are these templates still available or have they been removed???"

IF they have been removed then I find this notification inaccurate and deceptive and dishonest to say the least. As well as a time waster.

"Auctiva has encountered an error with the selected template. Please select another template until this issue is resolved."

This led me to believe what it says here are parts I am referring to: "ERROR WITH TEMPLATE" **** "PLEASE SELECT ANOTHER TEMPLATE "UNTIL" THIS ISSUE IS RESOLVED" ( "RESOLVED" being keyword here)

IF template is no longer available and is not coming back, don't you think that should be put on the notification? That would be a more honest answer?? As I waited days and days to relist thinking it was error with template and would be fixed. I had no reason to think the notification was not accurate.

As far as "NEW versions"?? The Purple Dots one you sent me to has been around forever, it is NOT new by any means. The dog one is no longer on there at all??? (yes, there are other dog ones but I was asking about this one)

Here is link to listing for the pink one that I was told is NEW? that I have used for at least a year in this and other listings.

Auctiva...JUST say it: "We have discontinued these templates."

It is easy, it is simple and really does not require wasting my time or yours? OR other people who may get same error. I just do not understand why I am sending links to get to the point. . . it takes not 1 not 2 not 3 but 5 notes to get to the bottom of this...when 5 words would have done it???

Please tell me that this much time has not been wasted on this simple question???

Thanks for an honest response and possibly changing your wordage on notifications so others do not go through this either via support or community.
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