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Reply to "Templates search box items seem off."

Can you type in JOKE....(no don't go there, no templates but this has become one)

SHOES: Shows 106 templates esimate LESS than 40 apply to shoes...and this less than 40 leaves in very borderline ones.

Here is small list: There are MANY, MANY MORE that have NOTING to do wih shoes.

denim flower border
denim pocket
fabric & daisies
eye wear
forest camo
quality denim
quality denim his
quality denim hers
red hats
red hat society
red light
rosie (like the cleaning strong woman I guess, Guess if she picks up shoes she qualifies???)
salsa dance
sew true
shabby purse
XOXO (now I think even a shoe lover would not put this one in shoes??)

Auctiva, again, this problem seems to be growing. Why are you changing this? If there is a reason then perhaps telling us we may possily understand???

It sure makes more work for us. This is like going to produce section of grocery store and having meat, chips, cookies, popcorn, nuts, drinks, can good, frozen items all mixed in with the produce. Though would be funny to see, would get old shopping there all the time.

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