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Thank you Auctiva for Being Upstanding

Thank you for the opportunity offered to me to participate in the Listing Contest.

I would like to also send Congratulations to all the other winners, too!

I would like to publicly thank Auctiva for prompt customer service, my customer tickets answered lightning fast, very reliable photo hosting, great looking auction templates, scheduling that doesn't go wrong, the ability to use more than one picture in my auctions, my gallery, plus the Auctiva store and more for no charge extra fee's paid to eBay.

I'm thankful to Auctiva for this service and glad I made the right decision to leave my prior service and move everything over to Auctiva.

I always knew it was a smart business move on my part to move my auctions over to Auctiva....and the proof is in the reliablity you show me day in and day out.

Thank you once again!
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