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THE SHIPPING SCAM & Show It All. Please BRING IT ON ! Let's Talk I Want To Know...


My sales took a major downhill turn and I couldn't figure it out. I expected a large decrease after Christmas, but this has been ridiculous. Then I had a huge increase in international shipping ?'s and we post the calculator.

I decided to check out what the competition was doing... Low and behold there were all my answers. We started at almost wholesale with honest shipping costs. No handling fee's, no padding the shipping cost's. Just honest auctioneers hoping bidding wars occur, and excepting that ones that go for the listing price. We have had lot's of fun in the process.

Okay here's the issue.... The competition dropped there prices to 00.01 - 00.99 and hid the fee's in shipping & handling. Charging many more $ then actual cost's. How do I compete with this ?

I am not stooping to those tactic's (sorry if I have offended anyone that does have to resort to this to make there auction sell... to each his own)

I was present for the Town Hall and I personally welcome show it all. I hope they get it in before I have to find other way's of earning an income.

This situation Burn's my Muffin because only one or two of the sellers selling the same item use to do it. Now they are all doing it !

Jeff ? Do you know if it is legal/allowed by eBay to put a paragraph about this issue in each of my item descriptions. Addressing the whole issue. Until eBay has implemented the new Show It All ???

I would appreciate hearing from anyone on this issue. I'm especially interested in hearing from sellers who successfully compete and still keep it honest. How Do You Do It ???
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