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Reply to "THE SHIPPING SCAM & Show It All. Please BRING IT ON ! Let's Talk I Want To Know..."

Originally posted by cakethings:
[QUOTE]I shopped at a grocery store that DID charge for bags. I could bring my own and save money - I liked that.

I know that store I shop there and they do charge for either a paper bag or a plastic bag.

I charge a flat rate shipping. I always ship Priority mail. The boxes are free that way. PLUS, customers receive their package faster. Alot of times I recycle. Meaning, at my work place I'm always getting boxes and bubble wrap from shipments we receive and because I sell alot of antique glass I also use the shredded material from the office shredder so thats also free. I think I do pretty good in just charging the flat rate. My shipping charges stay low/resonable and that is what keeps my customers coming back.

For sellers that do not have the same priviledge then I agree adding in that cost either by putting it in the handling (which to me would be the true/honest place to put it) or in the shipping is ok AS LONG AS ITS NOT OUTRAGEOUS!

Someone earlier posted there is a formula to find true cost to add.

Donna your story scared the CRAP out of me so I think I'll be doing a DC on all my shipments.
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