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The so called new seller protection by Paypal....

Greetings All
Well as a powerseller, I just got my invitation to receive the extended seller protection plan by paypal. No longer do I need the confirmed address.....yippee skippy.....yeah right now for the fine print.

If the receiptent is in a forgein country claims merchandise not received they can still file a claim and freeze the funds for that transaction. Unless the seller can provide acceptable proof of shipment AND Delivery.

The only acceptable forms of proof of delivery is UPS, Fedex, DHL and Express Priroty Mail that show a tracking number. Okay so here is the catch for me....Most of what I sell overseas weighs about a pound. Now I can send it First Class International to the UK for $10.40. But, while I can prove mailing, I can't prove delivery because it didn't good express. Now if your the bidder which would you rather pay $10.40 or express mail for $30.50.

So now I ask, what is the point to the extended seller protection plan. Looks and smells like a smoke screen to the buyers benefit again. Kinda like stroking the powersellers ego.....

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